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With the Syncx Perm ATS, in-house recruiters can more quickly and easily locate and place permanent physicians into open roles. 

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The Syncx Perm ATS integrates seamlessly with the Syncx MSP, creating a complete 360° view of your entire workforce that supports strategic resource management.

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Optimize staffing in a unified system, resulting in faster time to fill, better fill rates, and a better candidate experience. Now that’s a perm ATS with permanent benefits.

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With everything from automated approval workflows and job order management to job board integration and text alerts, it’s nearly impossible to not achieve seamless staffing.

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We serve as your one point of contact for vendor management, permanent hires, and locums placements, while the Syncx Perm ATS automates lead and candidate sharing. How easy is that?

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Candidate tracking, placement records, real time analytics and so much more! Get a front row seat to see it all in action. Book your demo today!

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Your journey to better permanent staffing starts here—with increased candidate visibility, less complicated sourcing, and support from a partner passionate about revolutionizing healthcare staffing from the inside out.

Case Study: Finding the Right Staffing Partner

UPMC teamed with Syncx to achieve staffing greatness by embracing every solution, including the Syncx Perm ATS.


A healthcare applicant tracking system is automated recruiting software that helps a hiring team streamline the tasks related to sourcing viable candidates for open permanent positions.

The benefits of using an ATS to fill open healthcare positions include improved candidate quality, expedited decision-making, lower hiring costs, and faster fill time in support of quality patient care.

At Syncx, we believe recruitment of physicians is different than that of other healthcare disciplines. That’s why the Syncx Perm ATS is built on advanced, proprietary technology, and specifically focused on the physician market. In fact, its features and functionalities are based on direct feedback we received from a tenured group of in-house physician recruiters.

We’ve seen our competitors attempt to overlay and apply a general staffing ATS or nurse staffing platform to physician recruitment, and it simply doesn’t work. The technology platform its delivery mechanisms must be structured to account for the nuances of physician recruiting. The Syncx Perm ATS not only does this, it also seamlessly integrates with other tools in the recruitment ecosystem so recruiters can accomplish all their work tasks in one place.

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