A unique healthcare MSP from Syncx

What makes our Managed Service Provider (MSP) special? Custom workforce management specifically designed for locum tenens. 

Get a single agreement, streamlined rates, greater account visibility, and comprehensive support to keep pace with staffing demands.

There’s MSP in healthcare.
Then there’s Syncx MSP.

Our MSP optimizes efficiency so in-house and agency recruiters can focus on strategic priorities.

Say goodbye to administrative headaches

Kick burdensome, manual tasks to the curb. Get digital integration, electronic time capture, and standardized locum agreements in one central portal.

Say hello to simplified credentialing

Our proprietary interface streamlines credentialing, making it simpler once you’ve identified available providers.

Say yes to shattering the status quo

Unlike other MSPs, ours provides democratized, competitive access to desirable open placements in real-time, for a holistic view across the staffing spectrum.

An MSP as easy as 1, 2,3.

Quickly create new shifts, see shift availability, fill open shifts, and so much more! See the Syncx MSP in action. Book a demo today.

A bolder, better healthcare MSP.

Multiply staffing success by the power of X. Log on anywhere at any time via smartphone, tablet, or computer to access your soon-to-be favorite MSP. 

Case Study: Finding the Right Staffing Partner

UPMC teamed with Syncx to achieve staffing greatness by embracing every solution, including MSP.


An MSP in healthcare is a managed services provider that helps you optimize workforce management and streamline staffing across facilities and systems, most commonly by using a centralized digital platform.

Using an MSP for locum staffing helps you more quickly identify and place available locums into matching roles. It offers greater scheduling visibility, more valuable reporting metrics, and the ability to decrease recruitment costs.

A VMS is technology that is typically used to manage contingent staff. An MSP is a provider, or entity, that handles staffing responsibilities across the full spectrum of the process, using technology to do so.

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