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Syncx rhymes with think X, and it’s what we want you to do when you think locums staffing.

Locums are an integral part of the healthcare ecosystem—providing critical expertise while filling temporary talent gaps when and where needed.

We’re dedicated to positively changing the way locums staffing is executed. And we’re just getting started.

Our mission.

Transform the healthcare staffing ecosystem and improve physician coverage, especially for communities in highest need. As a pioneering partner and inclusive advocate, we seized the chance to democratize the industry—prioritizing relationships with small, minority- and women-owned businesses to create a more accessible and equitable locums staffing process.

Powered by intuitive technology, our workforce management solutions centrally connect agencies, health systems, and physicians to increase visibility and promote faster placements, resulting in reduced healthcare costs and greater support for patient care. It’s the start of a brighter, bolder, better future in healthcare staffing.

Unite. Inspire. Transform. Syncx.

We serve as the connection point for health systems, agencies, and providers. We take this responsibility to heart, continuously striving to improve, grow, and evolve in order to boldly embody our mission.


We see the chance to offer equal access to a free market, and we’re seizing it—by creating an inclusive platform where all can grow, compete, and achieve success.


Not all roads lead to innovation, but ours does. We’re blazing a trail to improve the untouched, ignite the new, and leave the status quo behind.


We see the chance to offer equal access to a free market, and we’re seizing it—by creating an inclusive platform where all can grow, compete, and achieve success.


We believe technology should bring people together to simplify processes and foster collaboration—we’ve built our livelihood on it.

Our real X factor is the visionaries behind our vision.

From the inventive leaders shaping our dream, to the talented internal business partners, sales, and account folks working magic to make it a reality, every Syncx team member delivers unparalleled experience, unbridled enthusiasm, and a passion to change staffing for the better.

Carolyn Taylor

Credentialing Analyst

Carolyn has a knack for building genuine and long-lasting connections—both at work and in her personal life. She is most joyful when she’s soaking up quality time with the people who matter most to her.

Chris Moseley

Director, Customer Success

Chris is always on the hunt for new knowledge and loves helping others find solutions. When he’s not building up his team or building things with his hands, he can be found building awesome locums programs.

Aimee Waters

Credentialing Analyst

Aimee Waters values personal and professional growth in equal measure! When she’s not expanding her knowledge, she can be found capturing beauty through her camera lens – because life is too short for bland photography!

Kerstin James

Partner Engagement Manager

Kerstin loves creating meaningful partnerships in every facet of her life. While she is highly experienced in all things physician staffing, Kerstin also has mad skills in making sweet and delicious ice cream and has become somewhat of an ice cream influencer!

Felicia Eaton- Kearse

Credentialing Analyst

Felicia loves spending quality time with her family and listening to her favorite tunes. Felicia is all about helping others, whether it’s at work or in her community. Making an impact-that’s music to our ears!

Frank Grecco

Director, Client Solutions

Frank Grecco has a clear vision toward our future growth at Syncx. A true people person, he loves serving others and spending his free time with friends and family.

Jerry Limonta

VP, Client Solutions

Jerry loves three things: traveling to Italy, talking about how our differentiators revolutionize the staffing process, and doing both of those things at the same time. He loves that our Syncx flexibility allows him to do all three at once! Now that’s amore!

Gina Nicholson

Assistant Controller

Gina is more than just a numbers wizard. She’s always looking to broaden her viewpoint and make things better—it’s in her DNA. During the day, Gina is always exploring ways to make accounting more efficient, and after hours she loves to explore new cultures when she travels with her family and friends.

Ibrahima Diallo

Director, BI & Systems

Ibrahima Diallo is our Director of BI & Systems. He’s the data guru who turns numbers into game-changing insights & improved client experiences. When he’s got a free moment, you’ll find him cheering on his favorite football team, FC Barcelona.

Juan Soto

VP, Client Solutions

Juan is passionate about improving outcomes for our clients, their patients, and himself. He loves learning new skills, and he travels to broaden his perspective. His motto? “Travel is the antidote to ignorance.”

Katie Baye

Strategic Project Manager

Katie is all about collaboration with her Syncx team members. No doubt that her project management skills also come in handy when she is working on one of her complex crocheting projects. Impressive!

Kirsten Williams

Billing Specialist

Kirsten is a queen of providing top-notch service and helping others. When she’s not crunching numbers, she can be found driving rescue pups to their new homes – because who needs a cape when you have a car?

Kathryn Simms

Account Manager

Kathryn loves partnering with our staffing agencies to bring a solution to any problem. The only thing she loves more than that? Her cat, Coco Bean!

Natalie Hein

Director, Credentialing

Natalie is all about patient safety and delivering top quality credentialing services for the clients we support. During her downtime, you can find Natalie exploring the great outdoors with her family. She loves making quality time and memories with tribe.

Lisa McClure

EVP, Operations and Partner Success

When Lisa McClure isn’t improving client programs, you can find her improving her barrel racing skills at home in Texas. She’s not just a problem solver, she’s a problem-solver and big picture strategist who believes that on the other side of every challenge is an opportunity to improve.

Shannon Moore

Billing Specialist

Shannon brings a sparkle to the Syncx Squad. When she’s not crunching the numbers at Syncx, you’ll find her exploring the latest food trends, working on DIY projects and spending quality time with her friends.

Melissa Byington


Melissa is passionate about disrupting the status quo in the pursuit of betterment for the locum tenens industry. She reminds us that building something great is ONLY possible when we are doing something good.

Nicole Bennion

Manager, Client Success

Nicole likes to keep things buzzing. She loves partnering on process improvement initiatives, and while improving things at work keeps her a busy bee, she still makes time for creative home projects—like hosting beautiful parties for those in her hive.

Shannon Shaw

Accounting Analyst

Shannon Shaw is about more than just the numbers.  Our accounting analyst is about making meaningful connections with clients, agencies and the people she works with every day. Outside of work, she’s capturing life’s most meaningful moments behind the lens in pursuit of the perfect shot.

Staci Jenkins

Account Coordinator

Staci is a ray of sunshine! She shines the brightest when working with a team, and she goes above and beyond to help others succeed. When not working, you can find Staci soaking up the sun with her family on the beach.

Nicki Sears

Account Manager

Nicki is the one who makes sure communities in need get the healthcare resources they deserve. When she’s not rocking the house at work, you’ll find her exploring the great outdoors, hiking up mountains and enjoying some healthy competition in all types of sport. 

Louis Arias

VP of Finance

Finance expert turned healthcare staffing maverick. Louis may have traded his running shoes for dad life, but his innovative spirit and pioneering outlook keep Syncx ahead of the game.

Join Syncx.

We’re making waves in the healthcare industry, and we’re looking for staffing standouts to join us for the ride.

What’s it like to work at Syncx?

It’s joining a company of experienced industry experts pushing the edge to find a different, better way.

It’s working remotely with a highly diverse group that prioritizes work-life balance and appreciates everyone’s contributions.

It’s exciting, engaging, sometimes challenging, but always rewarding and, honestly, pretty darn fun.

It’s the chance to build and shape a unique staffing experience from the ground up.


Interested in exploring an opportunity with Syncx? Share what’s uniquely great about you, and let’s see where it leads! We’re always on the lookout for talented people. See if our open roles are a fit:

Credentialing Analyst

Connect the dots and analyze clues to solve the mystery of who is and isn’t qualified (before the clock runs out). You’re the Sherlock Holmes of healthcare staffing.

Account Manager

You’re the Cupid of healthcare staffing, acting as matchmaker to bring together the perfect temporary staffing solutions for both clients and agencies.

Staff Accountant

You are great with numbers and people alike. You bounce from cash flow to communication with ease. Because you know that the businesses’ dollars and cents flow more freely when all members of the team are engaged, connected, and informed.

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