Recruitment is a journey. Syncx is your destination.

Let your agency shine with our focus on locum-specific staffing technology.

One platform, one purpose—locum tenens staffing

As an agency, you need a more efficient, streamlined way to address all steps in the locum recruitment journey. So why shoehorn your workflow into a system that wasn’t built for the nuances of locum tenens placements? It didn’t make sense to us, either! That’s why we built a proprietary platform where locums is the only focus.

Democratization increases your reach—and impact

Democratization makes something accessible to everyone. For us, that means ensuring agencies have direct access to clients or markets that would otherwise be out of reach.

Direct Access

Market penetration doesn’t happen overnight. But it seems that way when you work with Syncx. You get direct access to major health systems primed to partner on locums fulfillment.

A Spotlight on You

We prioritize spotlighting small and mid-size agencies. So even if a health system is only interested in a small number of contracts, you’re always in the running.

A Biz Dev Arm

You might not have an army of sales people. But we do. We bring in more orders and create a fairer playing field so you’re not competing with the largest agencies.

Honest Pricing

No implementation fees. No monthly add-ons. No hidden costs. Just a 100% transparent pricing model where you pay a flat 5% fee.

“Working with Syncx is unlike working with any other MSP. It’s a true partnership that ensures together we’re meeting the needs of the health systems.”

– VeloSource

Democratization matters…for everyone

It’s getting harder for innovative, small-to-midsize locums agencies to make their presence known, and even harder for healthcare organizations to find them.

We’re changing that!

  • We bring agencies, physicians, health systems, and in-house recruiters together
  • We make it easy and intuitive to manage every aspect of the staffing process
  • We support an equal market, which ultimately improves patient access to care

Ten years ago, 62% of locum tenens staffing funneled through the top five largest companies. Today, it’s 70%.*

* Recent Staffing Industry Analysts report

A solution that works for you!

You can use tech that works against you, or a platform designed for you. We’re the latter, and we know how great it feels when your tools align with your workflow….finally. You get:

Real-time data access

Formal reporting

Someone who really sees you

Exclusive focus the “big guys” can’t offer

Streamlined sales and recruitment

Ongoing support for business growth

Add our X factor to your staffing workflow


Larger MSPs and technology platforms often support 300+ agencies, leaving you feeling like a statistic. With Syncx, you feel like a star.

  • Hyper-available, ultra-responsive account team
  • A relationship where you feel important because you are important
  • Responses, respect, and a redefined way to reach your goals


Our scheduler makes calendaring functions a breeze.

  • Easily change one shift calendar entry at a time—in seconds vs. hours or days
  • Adapt to changing clinician workflows


Our technology offers seamless integrations with the platforms you use most. That means job orders can integrate flawlessly with your CRM.

  • Ditch the tedium of manual data entry
  • Get real-time updates that are actually in real time
  • Experience job integration like never before

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With “them” you’re a tolerated supplier. With Syncx you’re a celebrated partner

We have full-time staff dedicated solely to agency satisfaction. Why? Because we value you and your engagement, and view you as an extension of our trailblazing team.

  • Others: you’re a vendor, a necessary evil at best
  • Us: you’re a crucial component—we couldn’t do it without you!


We’d love to have you as part of the Syncx family. You can start by filling out our inquiry form, and our partner engagement manager will reach out to you within a few days to talk about next steps.

It depends on the client and the specialty. The vast majority of the rates we see are market rates, meaning you present the candidate for what you need to, and we determine whether that’s within our budget. However, for a small percentage of positions, the rates are set by the client.

Agencies pay a flat percentage fee of 5%. There are no implementation fees, monthly add-ons, reduced rates, or other hidden costs. We are 100% transparent with our pricing model.

Ready to supercharge your recruitment efforts?

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