Democratization of healthcare—the Syncx mission

What does democratization mean? It’s the action of making something accessible to everyone, and it’s something we take to heart.

Democratization is the driving force behind what we do and the bedrock of our mission: creating an inclusive platform where small, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses can find equal access to a free market. We bring agencies, physicians, health systems, and in-house recruiters together to easily and intuitively manage every aspect of the locums staffing process.

To us, this mission is more important than ever. Those in the locums industry have witnessed an accelerating shift toward further consolidation among the top 5 companies. Ten years ago, 62% of locum tenens staffing funneled through them. Today, it’s 70%, according to a recent Staffing Industry Analysts report. 

This means it’s getting harder for innovative, small-to-midsize locums staffing companies to make their presence known, and even harder for healthcare organizations to find them.  

  • Take back control. You get to have a voice and choice throughout the staffing process, both in how it’s managed and how you work with vendors. It’s a refreshing alternative to being told “this is the way it is.”
  • Lower your costs. The large companies in locums, and even healthcare staffing in general, keep growing. Many times, their goal of increasing profits contradicts with a healthcare organization’s goal of reducing costs. Smaller, diverse agencies are able to put service and quality before cost, and yet still come in at a lower price point.
  • Access new talent. When you work with larger staffing companies, your access is restricted to their talent pool—and you’re vying with many similar organizations for the same resources. When using smaller vendors, you get access to a greater variety of exclusive talent you can’t find just anywhere, and encounter much less competition. 
  • Drive value. Healthcare organizations are more cost-conscious than ever. With a democratized model, locums pivots from being a “necessary evil” accepted as a sunken cost, to a value-added asset that can improve the bottom line. More individuals related to finance and management are now involved in locums conversations given the realization that democratized staffing positively impacts both patient care and facility revenue.
  • Be a bigger fish. Smaller agencies appreciate your business more. And, as a client, you aren’t merely a small fish in a big pond waiting alongside thousands of other organizations to get your needs addressed. Instead, you are one of a select few who the agency prioritizes, resulting in better access and better service.

We would be remiss if we didn’t also point out that our vendor partners appreciate democratization as much as our clients. For them, it means direct access to clients or markets they otherwise would not be able to reach.

How we walk the talk.

For us, in order to make democratized staffing a reality, change must begin from within. So we’re intentional in who we align with, being deliberate to partner with vendors, agencies, and clients that understand and embrace our goals. 

We consider things like organizational mission, makeup of the company, and the specialties they staff or need staffed. We review ownership structure, core values, market views, and their approach to quality measures. And we strive to understand whether advancing patient care and improving clinical staff is as important (or even more important) as reducing costs.

In conversations with potential partners, we make it clear that we aren’t one-size-fits-all. And that’s ok. We might not be the right partner in the moment, but that doesn’t mean down the line there may not be another opportunity. It’s important to make sure every partnership is the right fit—for both sides.

A boon to medical staffing as a whole.

We believe diversity of thought in life and in work is important. The more physician-owned, women-owned, and minority-owned small businesses contributing to our industry, the better our entire market will be. 

And in the time since the new Syncx brand launched, we’ve seen we’re on to something. 

First, because our clients have been so receptive—to the point where they are specifically seeking us out because of our democratized model.

Second, because of how quickly we’ve been emulated. From the wording of our messaging to the color of our conference footwear, we’re seeing traditionally rigid, structured companies change their industry approach.

It tells us healthcare is ready for a different way—has been eagerly waiting for it, in fact. And it reinforces our drive as a forward-doing innovator to transform the staffing ecosystem. Our ultimate hope, and goal, is to improve physician coverage to ensure communities in highest need are able to access top-quality providers.
Interested in learning more about our mission or seeing how our solutions can work for you? We’re here to connect anytime.